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Practice makes perfect

21 Mar

I practised again today.

Inserting my miacup is now faster than inserting a tampon. Never again the sound of ripping paper as I open a tampon in our unisex toilet cubicles!

This is a major part of my progress: the alternative folding technique is MUCH more effective. It makes the front small, and then once you’ve inserted the front, you simply press on the bit that is not yet folded so that that becomes smaller too. Literally, 3 second insertion.

Removing the miacup is more difficult than insertion, but I’m getting good at folding it over in the vagina and then keeping it that way as I pull it out!

This is the best video I’ve found so far on insertion and removal. She deals with everything I’ve encountered so far. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLPBZz3uJEg

Environment Points: +1

Discretion Points: +1

Convenience Points: +1

Speed Points: Well, not in the negatives anymore!