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Dizziness and periods

20 Feb

It sucks that the world doesn’t allow us to talk about our period-related physical challenges. Tomorrow I have a major deadline, and today happened to also be day 2 of a particularly heavy period.

Despite the relative mildness of the pain this time round, I struggled to concentrate on my work. My eyes didn’t want to focus properly and I was inexplicably tired. It was like the world was ebbing and flowing around my eyes. Not cool if you’re trying to focus on a computer screen!

The pharmacist was a bit taken aback. She tested my blood pressure (normal) and asked me questions about my eating habits the past while (more or less healthy). In the end she concurred it might be the blood loss and associated loss of iron. I will have it checked out tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’ve eaten some good low GI bread with cheese, and gratuitous amounts of yoghurt. I feel a bit better and I am able to concentrate on my work tonight.

But I couldn’t help speculating that this trouble was right up there with the flu in terms of its effect on my ability to concentrate. In some other world, I would have gone to bed early tonight and told my supervisor my work isn’t done because I had period trouble.