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The moment has arrived!

25 Mar

… and with it, the regular gratitude of being – by the looks of it – a healthy, fertile, femine human being. And not just that. Unlike millions and millions of women before me, I get to be a woman in an age of hot chocolate, advanced sanitary protection… and those day-one painkillers!

Seriously. The start of every period is, to me, a compliment of sorts. It says, you have been entrusted with the ability to create life… use it wisely, woman, and may you come to know what it means to be fully human.

This time is extra special. It marks my third period as the author of 12 to 50, and my first time as a Miacup user!

I’m going to go sterilise it now as soon as I have the kichen to myself, and then it’s time to put it to the test!

Soon to be posted: the outcome of my conversation with a couple of my black girl friends about periods, sanitary protection, and growing up.