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Day 1 with my Miacup

31 Mar

So as you know, I’ve finally started really USING my Miacup!

And what a bloody wonderful thing it is. The first night went by with no leaks, not even a spot on my panties.

It is evening now. I’ve emptied it thrice today and that was far too much, it had only a little bit of blood in. To be honest it was more out of curiosity than anything else.

From time to time the stem of the Miacup pokes from inside into the skin that closes over the vagina. I guess that is why they say you can trim it. I don’t see why I can’t seem to push it deeper into my body! I hope I don’t have an exceptionally short vagina or something. I will try to see if I could easily take the Miacup out without using the stem, and then I will decide if I will trim it.

A life of zero leaks is in sight! When you remove the Miacup and empty the blood, you first need to wipe your body because some blood comes out with the cup and that’s the only blood that is going to stain your panties.

The most important thing is that I can definitely see my Miacup replacing pads and tampons forever! No doubt at all.


Menstruation as topic in South Africa

23 Mar

South Africa is a country of, as we like to brag, “rich diversity”. Without getting stuck in detail, let’s give you an idea.

This is not me. I found this picture by searching for "children South Africa". Thank you, random teacher-tourist girl, for taking a picture of yourself with these really cute girls!

We are culturally diverse. We have 11 official languages.  80% of our population are black African, but then we have “coloured” people (of mixed descent”), white people (European settlers who have been coming and staying since 1652), and people of Indian descent. As well as lots of smaller minorities.

Some are fabulously rich, some are desperately poor. Because of a centuries-old history of white government, many of the rich and the large middle class are white, while the poor are the non-black except for a growing number of exceptions.

Our constitution is liberal; our people… not always. According to surveys South Africans don’t generally support homosexuality or abortion or gender equality. Many are untolerant of other African nationals, Jews, and each other. But our non-discrimination rights are enshrined in the constitution and people have actually used these rights to win cases. And there has been a significant, growing and very vocal liberal constituency in the population since… well, since liberalism globally came into fashion after WWII.

So… menstruation as a topic? I guess our reactions would be as diverse as our people. My mother, an Afrikaner (the more conservative of the two white cultures), has been using tampons since the 1960s. She spoke to us about sex and menstruation and that seems to have been the norm for my white girl friends too. Is that cause we were upper middle class? Or because we were white? Or cause we were urban? My small-town best friend is more awkward about periods, suggesting the latter explanation.

Are black girls more squeamish because their groups are newer to this whole “liberal values for all” thing? I don’t know! I’ll check with my black housemates. Are coloured girls, who may be less or more traditional and have often grown up in conditions of moral decay and urban hardship, different?

I don’t know.

But I think it’s time someone found out.

Miacup: Size and firmness

23 Mar

This post is sort of a response to my friend Prexus (go check out his awesome blog, Men in Menstruation, here). He asked me about the size and firmness of the miacup.

Size. I’ll admit it. When I saw my miacup for the first time I thought: how do I fit THIS in down there? Lol. The open side of the cup is considerably wider than a tampon… which is perhaps why they’re not clear on the size until you’ve ordered a cup and you’re kind of stuck with it 😉

Size is not really a issue with insertion though. The press-down folding method turns the front end of the cup into something as small as an average tampon applicator. (See my previous post for comments on that.) But with the removal… that takes some practice. You effectively need to fold the cup within your body, using one or two fingers. In the process you need to break the air seal.

Which brings me to my next point:

Firmness. The advertisements I saw online before ordering my miacup, most of them for the British mooncup, most certainly did not create the impression that the thing would be so firm.

This might be an improvement on older models: the firmness makes it easy to push the miacup deeper into the vagina by simply pushing on the bottom tip. The bottom tip of a softer model would simply have yielded to your pressure, denting inwards, and moving the cup no further into the vagina.

The downside of such a firm cup is that, again, removal is more difficult. The most effective method I’ve found so far, is to insert only one finger up next to the cup, push the cup flat against the opposite side of the vagina, and drag it out gently until you can grip it with two fingers and keep it folded while exiting the vaginal opening. If it pops open while exiting the vagina, which is the smallest part of the canal apparently, it can hurt a bit.

I would love someone to compare the softness/firmness of different brands.